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Customer Needs MCQ with Answers PDF

Customer Needs Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Customer Needs quiz answers PDF with marketing management career tests for online courses. Practice designing and managing services Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Customer Needs quiz questions for BA in business administration. Customer Needs MCQ PDF: services industries, service mix categories, customer expectations test prep for online BBA courses.

"The services such as repair and installation services are classified as" MCQ PDF on customer needs with choices empathy services, value-augmenting services, facilitating services, and assurance services for BA in business administration. Practice customer needs quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business administration colleges.

MCQs on Customer Needs Quiz

MCQ: The services such as repair and installation services are classified as

empathy services
value-augmenting services
facilitating services
assurance services

MCQ: The purchase cost of product is included into cost of maintenance and is subtracted from discounted salvage value to calculate

purchase cycle cost
cost of responsiveness
life cycle cost
assurance cost

MCQ: If the price of product is $150, cost of maintenance is $15 and the discounted salvage value is $85, then the life cycle cost of product is


MCQ: The services provide by the companies that are beyond the performance and functioning of the product are classified as

empathy services
value-augmenting services
facilitating services
assurance services

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