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The Book Biology Practice Test Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Biology Practice Test MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online biology degree courses. Practice Microorganisms and Applications in Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Biology Practice Test quiz answers PDF for best online colleges for teaching degree. The e-Book Biology Practice Test MCQ App Download: fungi: o level biology, biology practice test, antibiotics: penicillin production, microorganisms test prep for ACT test.

The MCQ: Mycoproteins has a texture of PDF, "Biology Practice Test" App Download (Free) with cheese, proteins, fats, and starch choices for best online colleges for teaching degree. Study biology practice test quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for schools that offer online degrees.

Biology MCQs: Biology Practice Test Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Mycoproteins has a texture of

A) cheese
B) proteins
C) fats
D) starch

MCQ: In ethanol (C2H5OH) emulsion test, the resulting emulsion is of

A) sky blue color
B) cloudy white color
C) cranberry pink color
D) violet color

MCQ: If Biuret solution is added to egg white, the resulting color will be

A) blue
B) black
C) red
D) violet

MCQ: Fusarium is made through a culture medium of

A) lactose
B) glucose
C) galactose
D) maltose

MCQ: Biosensors contains

A) immobilized enzymes
B) metal sensing devices
C) mobilized enzymes
D) a bar code sensing device

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