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Hormones Endocrine Glands MCQ with Answers PDF

Hormones Endocrine Glands Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Hormones Endocrine Glands quiz answers PDF with o level biology live worksheets for online degrees. Solve co-ordination and response: hormones and endocrine glands Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Hormones Endocrine Glands quiz questions for online bachelor degree programs. Hormones Endocrine Glands MCQ PDF: biology questions answers, hormones: endocrine glands test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"Nervous control acts through" MCQ PDF on hormones: endocrine glands with choices impulses transmitted by neuron, hormones transported by blood, leukocytes in blood, and thrombocytes for online bachelor degree programs. Solve hormones endocrine glands quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for SAT practice test.

MCQs on Hormones Endocrine Glands Quiz

MCQ: Nervous control acts through

impulses transmitted by neuron
hormones transported by blood
leukocytes in blood

MCQ: In context of coordination system, Cretinism results due to

excess of adrenaline
lesser thyroxin
excess insulin
lesser keratin

MCQ: Hormones from pituitary gland includes

all of above

MCQ: Hormonal control is

voluntary or involuntary
always involuntary
always voluntary
always reflex

MCQ: During tissue respiration, an increased oxidation of glucose occurs due to production of


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