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Average Daily Mineral intake Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 13

The e-Book Average Daily Mineral intake Quiz Questions, average daily mineral intake quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-13 to study online igcse biology degree courses. Practice Nutrition in General MCQ with answers PDF, average daily mineral intake Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Average Daily Mineral intake Quiz App Download: Free learning app for average daily mineral intake, vitamin deficiency, biotic and abiotic environment, function of assimilation, condensation reaction test prep for best online ACT prep class.

The Quiz Minerals do not include: calcium, iodine, sodium and iron with "Average Daily Mineral intake" App Download (Free) for online college courses. Solve nutrition in general questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for online colleges that offer certificate programs.

Average Daily Mineral intake Quiz Answers PDF Download: Test 13

MCQ 61: Minerals do not include

A) iodine
B) calcium
C) sodium
D) iron

MCQ 62: General feeling of irritability and tiredness may be due to the lack of

A) proteins
B) carbohydrates
C) fats
D) vitamins

MCQ 63: To enable the materials locked up in dead organisms, main role is played by

A) primary consumers
B) secondary consumers
C) decomposers
D) detritivore

MCQ 64: One of the activities of the assimilation phase is to develop

A) soluble molecules
B) diffusible molecules
C) new protoplasm
D) insoluble molecules

MCQ 65: Linkage of amino acids is known as

A) condensation reaction
B) oxidation reaction
C) hydrolysis reaction
D) reduction reaction

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