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Ecology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF Download - 1

The e-Book Ecology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Ecology quiz answers PDF 1 to study online courses, A Level Biology Tests. Practice Ecology MCQs, Ecology trivia questions and answers to prepare for job interview. The e-Book "Ecology MCQs" App Download: ecology career test for ACT subject test tutoring.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz) "Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the end products of decomposition and its nature is" PDF, Ecology App Download (Free) with inorganic, organic, artificial, and replicatic choices for accelerated bachelors degree online. Solve ecology quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for ACT test.

Biology: Ecology MCQs Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the end products of decomposition and its nature is

A) organic
B) inorganic
C) artificial
D) replicatic

MCQ: In ecology, Avicenna is an example of

A) hydrophytes
B) xerophytes
C) saprophytes
D) spectophyte

MCQ: Transference of food from one trophic level to the next is accompanied by

A) an energy gain
B) energy loss
C) macronutrients only
D) micronutrients only

MCQ: Along the food chain, the total energy level

A) increases progressively
B) decreases progressively
C) increases aggressively
D) decreases aggressively

MCQ: More energy is available if the man feeds

A) plants
B) cattle
C) meat
D) quaternary consumers

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