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Variety of life Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 61

Variety of life quiz questions and answers, variety of life MCQs with answers PDF 61 to practice A level biology mock tests for online college programs. Practice "Immunity" quiz questions with answers, variety of life Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free variety of life MCQs, transport system in plants, ecology, auxin, gibberellins and abscisic acid, antibiotics and antimicrobial, variety of life test prep for online colleges for teaching.

"A complete, mature and infectious particle of the virus is called as", variety of life Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices virion, venom, head, and tail for SAT test. Learn immunity questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for GRE test prep classes.

Quiz on Variety of life PDF Download eBook

Variety of life Quiz

MCQ: A complete, mature and infectious particle of the virus is called as

  1. venom
  2. virion
  3. head
  4. tail


Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Quiz

MCQ: The drug is ionized for the treatment of

  1. cholera
  2. tuberculosis (TB)
  3. measles
  4. malaria


Auxin, Gibberellins and Abscisic Acid Quiz

MCQ: Apical dominance is controlled through a growth regulator called

  1. gibberellins
  2. auxins
  3. abscisic acid
  4. cytokinins


Ecology Quiz

MCQ: Series of energy transference in the form of food is called a

  1. food pyramid
  2. food chain
  3. ecological niche
  4. food cycle


Transport system in Plants Quiz

MCQ: The concentration of air inside the leaf is

  1. dry
  2. saturated with water vapors
  3. depend upon the plant habitat
  4. saturated with solutes