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Selecting Project Manager Quiz Answers PDF - 7

The Book Selecting Project Manager Quiz Questions and Answers, selecting project manager Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 9-7 to download online project management certification courses. Solve Project Manager and Management MCQ Questions PDF, Selecting Project Manager Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Selecting Project Manager Quizzes App Download: project team, conflicts and project life cycle, cultural differences problems, requirements and principles of negotiation, selecting project manager test prep for one year online MBA.

The Quiz: The PM must perceive sufficient technical knowledge to PDF, "Selecting Project Manager" App (Android & iOS) Download with clients, outsiders, senior executives, and both b & c choices for top part time MBA programs. Study project manager and management questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for top ranked MBA programs.

Project Management Quiz Online: Selecting Project Manager MCQs PDF Download - 7

MCQ: The PM must perceive sufficient technical knowledge to

A) Outsiders
B) Clients
C) Senior Executives
D) Both B & C

MCQ: A solution in which no party can be made better off without making another party worse off by the same amount or more, is known as

A) win-win solution
B) win-lose solution
C) lose-lose solution
D) Pareto-Optimal Solution

MCQ: The technology of a culture includes such things as the

A) Tools used by people
B) Material produced
C) Skills
D) All of the Above

MCQ: Specifying technical objectives to a degree, allows

A) Detailed Budgeting
B) Detailed planning
C) Detailed cost estimates
D) Detail resource allocation

MCQ: The items to be delivered from a project which includes reports and plans as well as physical objects, is known as

A) Task assigned
B) Deliverables
C) Non-deliverables
D) Hierarchy planning

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