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Drug Types MCQ with Answers PDF

Drug Types Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Drug Types quiz answers PDF with o level biology live worksheets for online degrees. Solve drugs: o level biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Drug Types quiz questions for free online classes. Drug Types MCQ PDF: facts about smoking, drug types, types of drugs, poppies, opium and heroin test prep for online college classes.

"To induce sleep, narcotic drugs taken may include" MCQ PDF on drug types with choices heroin, morphine, opium, and all of above for free online classes. Solve drug types quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs to learn online certificate courses.

MCQs on Drug Types Quiz

MCQ: To induce sleep, narcotic drugs taken may include

all of above

MCQ: Examples of stimulant drugs are


MCQ: Illusions, hallucinations and distorted images are caused by

depressant drugs

MCQ: Stimulant drugs are not used to treat

induce sleep

MCQ: Examples of depressant drugs include


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