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Mass Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 81

The Mass Quiz Questions and Answers PDF (Mass Quiz with Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 26-81 to prepare Engineering Physics Practice Tests. Solve Physics And Measurement MCQ with answers PDF, Mass Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for job assessment test. The Mass Quiz App Download: Free learning app for ferromagnetism, equilibrium, lc oscillations, fluid, mass test prep for engineering graduate schools.

The Quiz MCQ: Density of material is the; "Mass" App Download (Free) with answers: Mass per unit volume; Mass per meter; Product of mass and volume; Mass per unit area; for job assessment test. Learn Physics And Measurement Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to study distance learning courses.

Mass Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ 81

MCQ 401:

Density of material is the

  1. mass per meter
  2. mass per unit volume
  3. product of mass and volume
  4. mass per unit area
MCQ 402:

Substance that continually deforms under an applied shear stress is

  1. fluid
  2. gas
  3. solid
  4. silicon
MCQ 403:

During electromagnetic oscillation, if q is electric charge then energy stored in electric field of capacitor C at any time is

  1. q/C
  2. 2q/C
  3. q/2C
  4. q2/2C
MCQ 404:

A state or condition of balance between continuing processes is termed as

  1. static equilibrium
  2. dynamic equilibrium
  3. positive equilibrium
  4. negative equilibrium
MCQ 405:

Iron, nickel and cobalt are

  1. Diamagnetic materials
  2. Ferromagnetic materials
  3. Paramagnetic materials
  4. Triamagnetic materials

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