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Electronic Gates Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 21

Electronic Gates trivia questions and answers, electronic gates worksheets with answers PDF 21 to practice Digital Electronics exam questions for online classes. Practice Introduction to Digital Electronics MCQ questions, electronic gates Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Electronic Gates Quizzes PDF: fgmos functionality, mos power dissipation, introduction to number systems, dynamic logic circuits noise margins, electronic gates test prep for college admission test.

"TDL stands for" MCQ PDF with choices transistor diode logic, tunnel diode logic, transistor device logic, and ttl diode logic for free career quiz. Learn introduction to digital electronics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for pre employment screening tests.

Trivia Quiz on Electronic Gates MCQs

MCQ: TDL stands for

Tunnel Diode Logic
Transistor Diode Logic
Transistor Device logic
TTL Diode Logic

MCQ: Low noise margin for dynamic logic circuit is equals to

5 V
3 V
threshold voltage
input voltage

MCQ: 2's compliment of 0001 is


MCQ: Inverter during its operation drive

input capacitance
gate capacitance
source capacitance
load capacitance

MCQ: When electrons reaches the drain end of channel, they acquire

large kinetic energy
large potential energy
small kinetic energy
small potential energy

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