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Computer Instructions Representations MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Computer Instructions Representations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Computer Instructions Representations quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, computer architecture tests. Study Computer Arithmetic Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Computer Instructions Representations quiz questions for computer information science. The e-Book "Computer Instructions Representations MCQ" App Download: queuing theory, major hurdle of pipelining, computer instructions representations, floating point test prep to learn online certificate courses.

The MCQ "Negating (2)10 and then checking the result by negating (-2)10Computer Instructions Representations App Download (Free) with (2)10, (-2)10, (-4)10, and (10)10 choices for computer information science. Practice computer instructions representations quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for computer software engineer online degree.

Computer Architecture: Computer Instructions Representations MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Negating (2)10 and then checking the result by negating (-2)10

A) (2)10
B) (-2)10
C) (-4)10
D) (10)10

MCQ: The bandwidth delivered end-to-end by the network to an application is upper bounded by the minimum across all three potential bottleneck areas

A) effective bandwidth = min(BW network injection, BW network, BW network reception)
B) effective bandwidth = max(BW network injection, BW network, BW network reception)
C) effective bandwidth = min(BW network injection + BW network, BW network reception)
D) effective bandwidth = max(BW network injection + BW network, BW network reception)

MCQ: If an exception is raised and the succeeding instructions are executed completely, then the processor is said to have

A) exception handling
B) imprecise exceptions
C) error correction
D) none of above

MCQ: Server clusters grow to 10th of thousands and beyond, are called

A) warehouse-scale computer
B) servers
C) kernel
D) supercomputers

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