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Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 18

Learn Antibiotics and Antimicrobial trivia questions and answers, antibiotics and antimicrobial worksheets with answers PDF 18 to practice A Level biology exam questions for online classes. Practice Infectious Diseases MCQ questions, antibiotics and antimicrobial Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Antibiotics and Antimicrobial Quizzes PDF: ecology, tobacco smoke and emphysema, afferent arteriole and glomerulus, enzyme specifity, antibiotics and antimicrobial test prep for accredited online colleges.

"Which statement is incorrect about Effective antibiotics?", antibiotics and antimicrobial Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices kill the host cell, show selective toxicity, kill the pathogens, and useless against virus for ACT prep classes. Learn infectious diseases questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for colleges that offer online courses.

Trivia Quiz on Antibiotics & Antimicrobial MCQs


Which statement is incorrect about Effective antibiotics?

show selective toxicity
kill the host cell
kill the pathogens
useless against virus


The fitting of the substrate in the active site is called

lock and key hypothesis


Blood from glomerulus flows into the

efferent arteriole
renal artery
proximal convoluted tubule
distal convoluted tubule


The smoker's cough is a/an

sign of recovery
attempt to move the mucus up the airways
attempt to move the air down the airways
mixture of bacteria and BCS


All the energy that enters the biotic part of the ecosystem is lost as

light energy
kinetic energy
heat energy
chemical energy

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