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The Book Homeostasis in Biology Quiz Questions PDF, homeostasis in biology Quizzes, download chapter 10-17 to learn online a level biology course. Practice Regulation and Control MCQs with answers PDF, homeostasis in biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Homeostasis in Biology Quiz App Download: homeostasis in biology, biology questions answers, molecular biology and biochemistry test prep for online bachelor degree programs.

The Quiz: The colorless fluid containing leukocytes, that circulates throughout the lymphatic system is called PDF, Homeostasis in Biology App Download (Free) with red blood cell, white blood cell, lymph, and serum choices for ACT test prep classes. Solve regulation and control questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for college entrance exams.

Biology: Homeostasis in Biology Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The colorless fluid containing leukocytes, that circulates throughout the lymphatic system is called

A) white blood cell
B) red blood cell
C) lymph
D) serum

MCQ: The purpose of Hydrophilic R group is to

A) prevent the enzyme from being denatured at higher temperatures
B) add the stability of the enzyme
C) ensure that they are soluble
D) help protein molecule coil in three dimensional space

MCQ: Source of energy in respiration is

A) monosaccharide
B) disaccharides
C) polysaccharides
D) cytokines

MCQ: Nerves transmit information in the form of

A) electrical impulses
B) hormones
C) stimulus
D) reflexes

MCQ: The urine is excreted out of the body through a tube called

A) uterus
B) urethra
C) ureter
D) urinary bladder

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