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Resocialization MCQ with Answers PDF Download

The e-Book Resocialization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Resocialization quiz answers PDF to learn online courses, sociology tests. Study Socialization Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Resocialization quiz questions for online degree programs. The e-Book "Resocialization MCQ" App Download: socialization across life course, family, social group agents, nature versus nurture test prep for online undergraduate degree.

The MCQ "Our sense of identity as developed through social interaction is called" PDF, Resocialization App Download (Free) with personality, self, identity, and character choices for online degree programs. Practice resocialization quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online college classes.

Sociology: Resocialization MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Our sense of identity as developed through social interaction is called

A) Personality
B) Self
C) Identity
D) Character

MCQ: The common behavioral expectations of general society is called

A) Generalized other
B) Degradation ceremony
C) Anticipatory socialization
D) Resocialization

MCQ: The way people learn in a society what is good and bad is called

A) Socialization process
B) Hidden development
C) Moral development
D) Anticipatory socialization

MCQ: New members lose their old identity and are give new identity is called

A) Anticipatory socialization
B) Generalized other
C) Degradation ceremony
D) Socialization

MCQ: The process where old behavior are removed and new behavior are learned is known as

A) Socialization
B) Resocialization
C) Anticipatory socialization
D) Primary socialization

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