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Chapter 5: Sociology Exam Tests

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Education Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 1

The Education Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers PDF, Education MCQs PDF Download e-Book Ch. 5-1 to study Sociology Course. Practice Conflict Theory MCQs, Education trivia questions and answers PDF for free online college courses. The Education MCQs App Download: Free learning app for bilingual education, formal and informal education, access to education, theoretical perspectives on education career test to learn study university courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): Fulfillment of education is associated to; "Education" App Download (Free) with answers: Social group; Social class; Social structure; Social gap; for free online college courses. Solve Introduction to Religion Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for free online courses.

Education Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 1

MCQ 1:

The fulfillment of education is associated to the

  1. Social class
  2. Social group
  3. Social structure
  4. Social gap
MCQ 2:

Bilingual educatio'n was federally mandated in

  1. 1960
  2. 1965
  3. 1968
  4. 1969
MCQ 3:

Our first learning experience occurs through

  1. Parents
  2. Relatives
  3. Community
  4. All of above
MCQ 4:

A global concern in education is

  1. Universal access
  2. Technology
  3. Communication
  4. Modernization
MCQ 5:

Education widening the gap in

  1. Social inequality
  2. Social injustice
  3. Social discrimination
  4. Social behavior

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