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Human Heart Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 293

Free Human Heart Quiz Questions and Answers, Human Heart Quiz PDF Download, Book Test 17-293 to study igcse biology online courses. Practice Transport in Mammals MCQ with answers PDF, human heart Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Human Heart Quiz App Download: Free learning app for human heart, disease caused by protein deficiency, spinal cord and nerves, fungus, biology learning online test prep for online associates degree.

The Quiz: Oxygen (O2) and food substances are provided to the heart through; "Human Heart" App Download (Free) with answers aortic arch, pulmonary arch, coronary arteries and subclavian artery to learn online IGCSE courses. Solve transport in mammals questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for colleges that offer online classes.

Human Heart Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 293

MCQ 1461: Oxygen (O2) and food substances are provided to the heart through

  1. pulmonary arch
  2. aortic arch
  3. coronary arteries
  4. subclavian artery

MCQ 1462: Protein deficiency in children is known as

  1. beriberi
  2. scurvy
  3. diabetes
  4. kwashiorkor

MCQ 1463: In Peripheral nervous system, brain gives off

  1. spinal cord
  2. cranial nerves
  3. dendrites
  4. dendrites

MCQ 1464: Hormones and enzymes can be developed through

  1. virus
  2. bacteria
  3. fungus
  4. amoeba

MCQ 1465: In nutrition ,deamination involves

  1. transfer of amino acids to kidneys
  2. conversion of amino group to urea
  3. conversion of carbon residue to glucose
  4. conversion of excess glucose to glycogen

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