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Hormones: Endocrine Glands Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 129

The Book Hormones Endocrine Glands Quiz Questions, hormones endocrine glands quiz answers PDF download, e-Book Ch. 3-129 to study free igcse biology online courses. Practice Co-ordination and Response Hormones and Endocrine Glands MCQ with answers PDF, hormones endocrine glands Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Hormones: Endocrine Glands Quiz App Download: Free learning app for hormones: endocrine glands, exam preparation: biology, bacteria structure, what is respiration, average daily mineral intake test prep for best online ACT prep class.

The Quiz: Effects of adrenaline on body are; "Hormones: Endocrine Glands" App Download (Free) with answers long-term, short-lived, involuntary and sudden to study online school courses. Solve co-ordination and response hormones and endocrine glands questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn online certificate courses.

Hormones: Endocrine Glands Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 129

MCQ 641: Effects of adrenaline on body are

  1. short-lived
  2. long-term
  3. involuntary
  4. sudden

MCQ 642: Active transport refers to

  1. fulfilling plant deficiencies
  2. supporting active translocation
  3. flow of substances from lesser to more concentrated zones
  4. flow of substances from lesser concentrated to more concentrated zones

MCQ 643: Rod-shaped bacterium is referred to as

  1. cocci
  2. bacilli
  3. spirilla
  4. vibrio

MCQ 644: Stimulus for breathing is

  1. lack of oxygen in blood
  2. excess of carbon dioxide in blood
  3. contraction of alveoli
  4. diaphragm movements

MCQ 645: Element that is not a part of minerals is

  1. manganese
  2. chlorine
  3. phosphorous
  4. iron

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