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The e-Book Immune System Quiz Questions, immune system MCQ with answers PDF chapter 19-28 to learn online courses, mcat biology tests. Practice Non Enzymatic Protein Function trivia questions, immune system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Immune System Quiz" App Download: immune system, cdna generation, mcat: electrophoresis, solute transport across membranes, gene cloning test prep for online MCAT classes.

The Quiz "A foreign macromolecule that binds selectively to an antibody is called" PDF, Immune System App Download (Free) with antigen, stem cell, antibody, and lymph choices for medical college admission test. Solve non enzymatic protein function questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for college entrance test.

MCAT Biology: Immune System Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A foreign macromolecule that binds selectively to an antibody is called

A) stem cell
B) antigen
C) antibody
D) lymph

MCQ: In eukaryotic cells mature mRNA is already spliced, hence the cDNA produced have no

A) introns
B) exons
C) ribosomes
D) uracil

MCQ: A technique which separates charged particles using electric field is

A) Hydrolysis
B) electrophoresis
C) protein synthesis
D) protein denaturing

MCQ: If the concentration of solute is same inside as well as outside the cell than it is known as

A) hypertonic solution
B) isotonic solution
C) hypotonic solution
D) concentrated solution

MCQ: A small circular DNA present in bacterial cells are called as

A) enzymes
B) ribosomes
C) plasmids
D) Vector

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