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Multi Access System Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 57

Multi Access System interview questions and answers, multi access system trivia questions PDF 57 to learn online Computer Fundamentals course for online classes. Processing Systems MCQ questions, multi access system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Multi Access System" Book PDF: printers for computer printing, control statements, computer registers, types of computer printers, multi access system test prep for free online classes.

"Fast mean of communication and access available to large computers are advantages of" MCQ PDF: terminal area network, wide area network, connected area network, and timed area network for computer majors. Study processing systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online schools for computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Multi Access System MCQs

MCQ: Fast mean of communication and access available to large computers are advantages of

wide area network
terminal area network
connected area network
timed area network

MCQ: Type of printer in which the loop rotates in horizontal lines and hammer set of printer is used across the paper is termed as

band printers
ink jet printers
page printers
font printer

MCQ: Counter that holds instruction fetched from store during decoding and execution is called

current instruction register
program instruction counter
sequence instruction register
programming register

MCQ: Statement which is used to make choice between two options and only option is to be performed is written as

if statement
if else statement
then else statement
else one statement

MCQ: The 'dot matrix and 'solid font printers are examples of

line printers
of-band printer
character printer
ink printers