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Trignometry Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 61

The Book Trignometry Quiz Questions, trignometry quiz answers PDF download, e-Book Ch. 1-61 to study free mathematics online courses. Practice Derivation Rules MCQ with answers PDF, Trignometry Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Trignometry Quiz App Download: Free learning app for de definations and terminology, existence and uniqueness of laplace transforms, general rules, radiocarbon dating, trignometry test prep for online college admission.

The Quiz: ∂⁄∂x(3sinx -4 cosx)=; "Trignometry" App Download (Free) with answers 4 sinx-3 cosx, 3 sinx+4 cosx, 4 sinx+3 cosx and 3 sinx-3 cosx to study online courses. Solve derivation rules questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for college entrance examination.

Trignometry Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 61

MCQ 301: ∂⁄∂x(3sinx -4 cosx)=

  1. 3 sinx+4 cosx
  2. 4 sinx-3 cosx
  3. 4 sinx+3 cosx
  4. 3 sinx-3 cosx

MCQ 302: If Radiocarbon content of a fossilized tree is denoted by yoat t=0 (that is claimed to be 3000 years old) and y at any instant t then y

  1. yo
  2. c
  3. yoect
  4. yot

MCQ 303: ∂x(u+v+w+...)=

  1. ∂u⁄∂x+∂v⁄∂x+∂w⁄∂x
  2. ∂u⁄∂x-∂v⁄∂x+∂w⁄∂x
  3. ∂⁄∂x+∂v⁄∂x+∂w⁄∂x
  4. ∂u⁄∂x+ ∂⁄∂x+ ∂w⁄∂x

MCQ 304: If Laplace transform of function exists, it is determined

  1. similarly
  2. constantly
  3. uniquely
  4. identically

MCQ 305: How fast does the disease spread?' involves rate of change and equation of this question contains

  1. integration
  2. derivation
  3. algebra
  4. arithmetic

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