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Variable Numbers of Arguments Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 7

Practice Variable Numbers of Arguments quiz questions and answers, variable numbers of arguments MCQ with answers PDF 7 to solve PHP mock tests for online college programs. Learn PHP Programming Basics trivia questions, variable numbers of arguments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Variable Numbers of Arguments Quiz PDF: multidimensional arrays, home grown alternatives, variable numbers of arguments test prep to learn online certificate courses.

"All these func_num_args ( ), func_get_arg ( ), func_get_args ( ), functions are introduced in", variable numbers of arguments Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices php2, php1,, php3, and php4 for computer information science. Practice php programming basics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer software engineer online degree.

Quiz on Variable Numbers of Arguments MCQs


All these func_num_args ( ), func_get_arg ( ), func_get_args ( ), functions are introduced in



PHP function arguments are modified in the function definition and

In a function call
In execution time
In deceleration time
None of them


A special kind of a file that is located in the filesystem of your browser and can be read and write from the web server, is calls as

All of them


For finding nonempty elements in the array we use

is_array ( ) function
sizeof ( ) function
array_count ( ) function
count ( ) function


In Boolean context the unbound variable is considered as

None of them

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