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Overriding Functions Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 6

Overriding Functions interview questions and answers, overriding functions trivia questions PDF 6 to learn online PHP course for online classes. Advance PHP MCQ questions, Overriding Functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Overriding Functions" MCQ Questions PDF: stacks and queues, string replacement, understanding php configuration, how sessions work in php, overriding functions test prep for online degrees.

"When function have same prototype in base class as well as in derived class the function is called" MCQ PDF: overriding function, overloading function, chained function, and all of them for applied computer science. Study advance php questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer engineering programs.

Trivia Quiz on Overriding Functions MCQs

MCQ: When function have same prototype in base class as well as in derived class the function is called

Overloading function
Overriding function
Chained function
All of them

MCQ: If you want PHP to transparently handle passing session variables for you when cookies are not available, you have to configure

enable-trans-sid option
enable-track-vars option
disable-tans-vars option
Both A and B

MCQ: An error reporting function, E_ALL &~E_NOTICE stands for

Enable All Options
Enable All Error Notices
All Errors Except Notices
None of them

MCQ: Returns a string arguments with trilling blank space removed, is a behavior of

starts ( ) function
chop ( ) function
rtrim ( ) function
Both B and C

MCQ: Which of them is an abstract data structure (ADT)?

Both A and C