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Conceptual Data Models Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 36

Conceptual Data Models interview questions and answers, conceptual data models trivia questions PDF 36 to practice Database Management System exam questions for online classes. Practice Data Modeling Entity Relationship Model MCQ questions, conceptual data models Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Conceptual Data Models Interview Questions PDF: database system environment, erm types constraints, database management system advantages, data independence, conceptual data models test prep for online college classes.

"The schema which specifies that all the database users requirements have been met is called" MCQ PDF with choices high level logical schema, high level conceptual schema, high level structural schema, and high level detailed schema for bachelor's degree in computer science. Learn data modeling entity relationship model questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online computer science and engineering.

Trivia Quiz on Conceptual Data Models MCQs

MCQ: The schema which specifies that all the database users requirements have been met is called

high level conceptual schema
high level logical schema
high level structural schema
high level detailed schema

MCQ: The type of data independence in which the schema can be altered on conceptual level without altering external level is classified as

conceptual level independence
external level independence
logical data independence
physical data independence

MCQ: The files used for speedy disk search by providing the specialized structures of data are classified as

content specification
listing documents

MCQ: For a relationship type, the participation constraints and cardinality ratio are considered together to make

intensive constraints
recursive constraints
composite constraints
structural constraints

MCQ: The middle computer system which is accessed to access database server is classified as

host server
application server
database server
client server