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DBMS Transactions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), DBMS Transactions quiz answers PDF with database systems live worksheets for online degrees. Solve sql concepts and queries Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), DBMS Transactions quiz questions for master's degree in computer science. DBMS Transactions Interview Questions: database transactions, dbms transactions, sql data types and schemas test prep for online computer engineering programs.

"When an SQL statement is Executed, the SQL standard specifies the start of a" MCQ PDF on dbms transactions with choices commitment, data flow, transaction, and data communication for master's degree in computer science. Solve dbms transactions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for computer information science.

MCQs on DBMS Transactions Quiz

MCQ: When an SQL statement is Executed, the SQL standard specifies the start of a

Data flow
Data communication

MCQ: SQL statements that must end the transaction are of type

2 types
3 types
4 types
5 types

MCQ: The term that is known to commit the current transaction, is

Rollback work
Commit work
Trace work
Transit work

MCQ: The SQL standard specifies that a transaction begins implicitly when an SQL statement is


MCQ: A term that consists of a sequence of query and/or update statements, is known as

Data commit
Data rollback
Data automation

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