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Organization of Pentium Implementations Multiple Choice Questions p. 89

Study Organization of Pentium Implementations multiple choice questions and answers, organization of pentium implementations quiz answers PDF 89 to study Computer Architecture course online. Instruction Level Parallelism MCQ trivia questions, organization of pentium implementations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Organization of Pentium Implementations MCQ" PDF eBook: network connectivity, ilp approaches and memory system, organization of pentium implementations test prep for free online classes.

"The execution time for the unrolled loop, has been dropped to a total of" MCQ PDF: 16 clock cycles, 14 clock cycles, 18 clock cycles, and 20 clock cycles for computer majors. Learn instruction level parallelism questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for best online schools for computer science.

Organization of Pentium Implementations Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The execution time for the unrolled loop, has been dropped to a total of

14 clock cycles
16 clock cycles
18 clock cycles
20 clock cycles

MCQ: Delays arising from the use of a load result 1 or 2 cycles after the loads, refer as

data stall
control stall
branch stall
load stall

MCQ: For implementing the IA-32 instruction set, the framework is provided by

multicycle data path
microprogrammed controller
hardwired control
both a and b

MCQ: The most common, often implemented technique of multithreading, is called

parallel multithreading
pre multithreading
post multithreading
simultaneous multithreading

MCQ: An alternative towards the fine-grained multithreading, the devised technique was

buffer-grained multi threading
miss-grained multi threading
coarse-grained multi threading
coarse-grained single threading