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Floating Point Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 52

Floating Point quiz questions and answers, floating point MCQ with answers PDF 52 to solve Computer Architecture mock tests for online college programs. Solve Computer Arithmetic trivia questions, floating point Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Floating Point Interview Questions PDF: encoding an instruction set, ia 32 instructions, computer instructions and languages, ilp approaches and memory system, floating point test prep for CS major.

"Multiplying (1000)10 by (1001)10 will produce the product of" MCQ PDF with choices (1001001)10, (0001000)10, (1001000)10, and (1111000)10 for online computer science engineering. Practice computer arithmetic questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college classes.

Quiz on Floating Point MCQs

MCQ: Multiplying (1000)10 by (1001)10 will produce the product of


MCQ: A code of rate m/n has m information bits for (m + n) check bits, such codes are known as

trellis codes
unillis codes
dillis codes
none of above

MCQ: The given instruction multu $s2,$s3; shows the multiplication of

signed numbers
unsigned numbers
whole number

MCQ: Multithreading allowing multiple-threads for sharing the functional units of a

multiple processor
single processor
dual core

MCQ: Every letter of the computer is referred to as