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Google Warehouse Scale Quiz Answers PDF Download - 126

The e-Book Google Warehouse Scale Quiz Questions and Answers, google warehouse scale MCQ questions PDF chapter 6-126 to download online courses, computer architecture tests. Solve Computer Language and Instructions MCQ questions, google warehouse scale Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book "Google Warehouse Scale Tests" App Download: google warehouse scale, physical infrastructure and costs, what is pipelining, six basic cache optimizations, introduction to memory hierarchy design test prep for computer software engineer.

The MCQ Quiz "The MIPS instruction addi $s1,$s2,100. can be simplified into" PDF, Google Warehouse Scale App APK Download with $s1 = $s2 + 101, $s1 = $s2 + 100, $s1 = $s2 - 100, and $s1 = $s2 . 100 choices for computer science programs. Study computer language and instructions questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for cheapest online computer science degree.

Computer Architecture: Google Warehouse Scale MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The MIPS instruction addi $s1,$s2,100. can be simplified into

A) $s1 = $s2 + 100
B) $s1 = $s2 + 101
C) $s1 = $s2 - 100
D) $s1 = $s2 . 100

MCQ: When using k x k switches, a MIN with N input-output ports requires at least

A) log10k n stages
B) logk n stages
C) logk stages
D) 2logk n stages

MCQ: The data can be accessed from the disk using

A) surface number
B) track number
C) sector number
D) all of above

MCQ: A widely used, metric for evaluating the efficiency of the data-center or a WSC, is called

A) sharding
B) air utilization effectiveness
C) power utilization effectiveness
D) data utilization effectiveness

MCQ: In pipelined instruction time between instructions, assuming ideal conditions, is equal to

A) time between instructions pipelined = time between instruction\ no of piped stages
B) time between instructions pipelined = no of piped stages
C) time between instructions pipelined = time between instruction
D) none

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