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Performance Measurement MCQ with Answers PDF

Performance Measurement Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Performance Measurement quiz answers PDF with computer architecture live worksheets for online degrees. Solve request level and data level parallelism Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Performance Measurement quiz questions for top computer science schools in the world. Performance Measurement MCQ PDF: mips fields, advanced branch prediction, learn virtual memory, performance measurement test prep for top online computer science programs.

"What is the average memory latency assuming that 90% of accesses are local to the server, 9% are outside the server but within the rack, and 1% are outside the rack but within the array?" MCQ PDF on performance measurement with choices 0.29 microseconds, 14.29 microseconds, 12.09 microseconds, and 5.2 microseconds for top computer science schools in the world. Solve performance measurement quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online computer science engineering.

MCQs on Performance Measurement Quiz

MCQ: What is the average memory latency assuming that 90% of accesses are local to the server, 9% are outside the server but within the rack, and 1% are outside the rack but within the array?

0.29 microseconds
14.29 microseconds
12.09 microseconds
5.2 microseconds

MCQ: Access towards an object of size a single byte at byte address A is aligned, if

a mod s + 0
a mod s = 1
a mod s = 0
a mod s - 0

MCQ: Noise is typically proportional to the radio frequency bandwidth, and a key measure is the

noise-to-noise ratio
signal-to-signal ratio
signal-to-noise ratio
noise-to-signal ratio

MCQ: Measuring the continuous service accomplishment and equivalently of the time to failure from a reference point is called

hit time
hit rate

MCQ: 1000 MIPS processor for running programs successfully must have at-least

10MB of memory
100MB of memory
1000MB of memory
10GB of memory

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