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Data Hierarchy Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 58

Data Hierarchy quiz questions and answers, data hierarchy MCQ with answers PDF 58 to solve C++ mock tests for online college programs. Learn Introduction to Programming Languages trivia questions, data hierarchy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Data Hierarchy Interview Questions PDF: c++ programs, standard c++ library, character functions, standard c library functions, data hierarchy test prep for cheapest online computer science degree.

"Digits, letters and special symbols are known as" MCQ PDF with choices characters, bits, fields, and records for computer and information science. Practice introduction to programming languages questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for top online computer science programs.

Quiz on Data Hierarchy MCQs

MCQ: Digits, letters and special symbols are known as


MCQ: Which C library file declare functions for processing strings?

MCQ: C-string library is denoted as

All of them

MCQ: For large alphabets such as Chinese and Japanese alphabets, which C header file is used?

MCQ: C++ is an extension of C language but C++ is a general-purpose

Markup language
Scripting language
Object Oriented Programming language
Tags based programming language