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Fundamentals of management planning MCQ with Answers PDF

Fundamentals of management planning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Fundamentals of management planning quiz answers PDF with human resource management live worksheets for online degrees. Solve managers role in strategic hrm Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Fundamentals of management planning quiz questions for online courses for business management degree. Fundamentals of management planning Interview Questions: building high performance work system, types of strategies, strategic management process test prep for best online colleges for business administration.

"The bottom line of any business plan is" MCQ PDF on fundamentals of management planning with choices marketing plan, financial plan, personnel plan, and production plan for online courses for business management degree. Solve fundamentals of management planning quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online bachelor's degree in business management.

MCQs on Fundamentals of management planning Quiz

MCQ: The bottom line of any business plan is

marketing plan
financial plan
personnel plan
production plan

MCQ: The Top management works on

strategic plan
corporate plan
both A & B

MCQ: A ''Strategic plan' is also called

long term plan
short term plan
Both A and B
none of above

MCQ: The plan which is firstly discussed in business plan is mostly

marketing plan
financial plan
personnel plan
production plan

MCQ: The first step in the planning process is to

Set an objective
Evaluate alternatives
Determine strength and weaknesses
none of above

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