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Report Writing Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 7

Practice Report Writing quiz questions and answers PDF, report writing trivia questions PDF to solve technical writing worksheet 7 for online master's degree. Practice Reports quiz questions with answers, report writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for technical writing. Free report writing MCQs, writing fliers, types of letters, online help and websites, importance of visual aids, report writing test prep for online college courses.

"A report writing, being involved in the study of reasoning of an incident, called as:", report writing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices lab report, incident report, investigation report, and analytical reasoning for online undergraduate degree.

Quiz on Report Writing PDF Download 7

Report Writing Quiz

MCQ: A report writing, being involved in study of reasoning of an incident, called as:

  1. incident report
  2. lab report
  3. investigation report
  4. Analytical reasoning


Importance of Visual Aids Quiz

MCQ: Visual aids, showing facts and figures, while using;

  1. tables
  2. Graphics
  3. pie charts
  4. All of above


Online Help and Websites Quiz

MCQ: First step, ramified in prewriting website; included:

  1. sketching the home page
  2. sketching the linked page
  3. studying the sacksful website checklist
  4. Indulging in web portal


Types of Letters Quiz

MCQ: Examining letter criteria, considered as part of;

  1. pre-writing
  2. re-writing
  3. pro-writing
  4. All of above


Writing Fliers Quiz

MCQ: A technique, tangled in increasing front size in making flyers, involved in;

  1. limiting audience interest
  2. providing more readable text
  3. creating distraction
  4. Learning marketing strategies