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21st-Century Business Management Philosophies Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 6


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Learn 21st-Century Business Management Philosophies MCQ questions and answers, 21st-century business management philosophies worksheets with answers PDF 6 to practice Technical Writing exam questions for online classes. Practice An Introduction to Technical Writing MCQ questions, 21st-century business management philosophies Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. 21st-Century Business Management Philosophies Quizzes PDF: prewriting, importance of internet, audience involvement, report writing, 21st-century business management philosophies test prep for best online universities.

"The key concept of all business strategies, based on;", 21st-century business management philosophies Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices individual education, individual skills, teamwork, and technical skills of management for online bachelor degree programs. Learn an introduction to technical writing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accredited online degree programs.

Trivia Quiz on 21st-Century Business Management Philosophies MCQs


The key concept of all business strategies, based on;

individual skills
individual education
Technical skills of management


A report writing, relating to state the official results in the meeting, termed as;

meeting minutes
feasibility/recommendation report
progress report
General survey


To grab reader's attention, the best way is to;

Use texture with appropriate vocabulary
Create charismatic personality by delight and shock
Exhilarate reader?s curiosity
All of above


The "FTP" term, used on internet and websites, refers to;

hypertext transfer protocol
transmission control protocol
file transfer protocol
File transmission protocol


A technique in prewriting, involved in visual view of hierarchical information, basic idea and related topics, known as:

organization charts
mind mapping

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