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Musculoskeletal System Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 1

The Musculoskeletal System Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers PDF (Musculoskeletal System MCQs PDF e-Book) download Ch. 10-1 to study General Knowledge Course. Practice Muscular System MCQs, Musculoskeletal System trivia questions and answers PDF for free career quiz. The Musculoskeletal System MCQs App Download: Free learning app for joints ligaments and bursae career test for online entry exam prep.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ): Synapse' is also known as; "Musculoskeletal System" App Download (Free) with answers: Cartilage junction; Tendons junction; Ligament junction; Neuromuscular junction; for free career quiz. Solve Mars Facts Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) to enroll in online classes.

Musculoskeletal System MCQ with Answers PDF Download: Quiz 1


Synapse' is also known as

  1. tendons junction
  2. cartilage junction
  3. ligament junction
  4. neuromuscular junction
MCQ 1:

Electrical current from nervous system are conducted in the body with the help of

  1. cartilage
  2. tendons
  3. nerves
  4. ligaments
MCQ 2:

Small band of white, dense and fibrous elastic tissue is classified as

  1. muscle junction
  2. muscle cartilage
  3. muscle filament
  4. ligament
MCQ 3:

Small fluid filled sac made of fibrous tissues which provides cushion between bones is classified as

  1. junction
  2. filament
  3. bursa
  4. cartilage
MCQ 4:

Diathroses and synarthroses are classified as divisions of

  1. femur and ulna
  2. tibia and ulna
  3. joints
  4. cartilage

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