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Learn Key Terms MCQ questions and answers, key terms worksheets with answers PDF 3 to practice Sociology exam questions for online classes. Practice Government and Politics MCQ questions, key terms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Key Terms Quizzes PDF: what is social stratification, dependency theory, clifford shaw and henry mckay: cultural deviance theory, ethical concerns, key terms test prep for online masters programs.

"An absence of any organized government is called", key terms Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices monarchy, anarchy, oligarchy, and authority for online degree programs. Learn government and politics questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online certificate courses.

Trivia Quiz on Key Terms MCQs

MCQ: An absence of any organized government is called


MCQ: Without using a lab experiment or survey and gathering data from natural environment is known as

Field research
Lab research
Environmental research
Scientific research

MCQ: Poverty and single-parent homes correlated with

Domestic violence
Juvenile violence
Religious violence
Social violence

MCQ: The collection of resources in core nations and in the hands of a wealthy minority is

Global feminization
Global stratification
Global inequality

MCQ: How a person's social standing is affected?


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