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Learn Latent Functions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Latent Functions quiz answers PDF to study sociology online course for sociology classes. Education Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Latent Functions quiz questions for best online universities. "Latent Functions MCQ" PDF Book: access to education, formal and informal education, bilingual education, conflict theory test prep for accelerated online degrees.

"The most capable student are identified through" MCQ PDF: latent functions with choices testing, classroom achievement, enrollment, and all of above for best online universities. Study latent functions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for free online courses.

MCQs on Latent Functions Quiz

MCQ: The most capable student are identified through

Classroom achievement
All of above

MCQ: The unintended consequences of latent functions are

Social network
Political and social integration
All of above

MCQ: The most important American values the student learn is


MCQ: The intended goals of manifest functions are

Social control
Transmission of culture
All of above