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The Book Hinduism Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Hinduism MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online sociology certification courses. Study Religion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Hinduism quiz answers PDF for best online universities. The eBook Hinduism MCQ App Download: secularization, islam, mega churches, summary test prep for best online universities.

The MCQ: Hindus generally believe in a set of principle called PDF, "Hinduism" App Download (Free) with dharma, brahma, vishnu, and shiva choices for best online universities. Practice hinduism quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for online colleges.

Sociology MCQs: Hinduism Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Hindus generally believe in a set of principle called

A) Dharma
B) Brahma
C) Vishnu
D) Shiva

MCQ: Hindus' also believe in

A) Brahma
B) Karma
C) Eternal spirit
D) Om

MCQ: Hinduism' originated in the

A) Bronze Age
B) Indus River Valley
C) Metallic age
D) Harappa Civilization

MCQ: The oldest religion in the world is

A) Taoism
B) Atheism
C) Judaism
D) Hinduism

MCQ: Hindus' believe in a

A) True God
B) Supreme spirit
C) Divine power
D) Atma

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