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Strategic Management System Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 26

Practice Strategic management system trivia questions and answers PDF, strategic management system quiz answers to learn organizational development worksheet 26 for online graduate programs. Practice "Balanced Scorecard Strategic Management System" quiz with answers, strategic management system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for organizational management. Free strategic management system MCQs, balanced scorecard, organizational configuration, strategic management system test prep for accelerated online degrees.

"For strategic learning, the balanced scorecard supplies", strategic management system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices three elements, two elements, four elements, and five elements for online bachelor degree programs. Learn balanced scorecard strategic management system questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor degree programs.

Quizzes on Strategic Management System PDF Download eBook 26

Strategic Management System Quiz

MCQ: For strategic learning, balanced scorecard supplies

  1. Two elements
  2. Three elements
  3. Four elements
  4. Five elements


Organizational Configuration Quiz

MCQ: In an entrepreneurial structure design, organization is managed and coordinated through

  1. Supervision
  2. Direct supervision
  3. Indirect supervision
  4. No supervision


Organizational Configuration Quiz

MCQ: Responsibility of implementation and coordination at departmental level is of

  1. Team leaders
  2. Management
  3. Top management
  4. Middle management


Balanced Scorecard Quiz

MCQ: A balanced scorecard is said to be a mechanism that results in a broader perspective on company's

  1. Health
  2. Activities
  3. Performance metrics
  4. Both A and B


Organizational Theory and Behavior Quiz

MCQ: Adhocracies are usually

  1. Young
  2. Mature
  3. Middle-aged
  4. Both A and C