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The Book Gallbladder Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Gallbladder quiz answers PDF to study online courses, histology tests. Practice Digestive System Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Gallbladder quiz questions to learn online certificate courses. The e-Book Gallbladder MCQ App Download: large intestine, digestive system: esophagus, stomach, liver test prep for best online colleges.

The MCQ: Inflammation of the gallbladder is termed as PDF, "Gallbladder" App Download (Free) with cholecystitis, cholecystectomy, olfaction, and phonation choices to learn online certificate courses. Study gallbladder quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for online undergraduate degree.

Chapter 9 MCQs: Gallbladder Quiz

MCQ: Inflammation of the gallbladder is termed as

A) cholecystitis
B) cholecystectomy
C) olfaction
D) phonation

MCQ: The shape of the gallbladder is

A) u-shaped
B) pear shaped
C) l-shaped
D) cup-shaped

MCQ: The storage site of the bile is known as

A) liver
B) kidney
C) gallbladder
D) ileum

MCQ: In response to fatty meals, the enteroendocrine cells of the small intestine, secreting

A) HCl
B) cholecystokinin
C) secretin and glucagon
D) insulin

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