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Chapter 4: Biochemistry Exam Tests

Biochemistry MCQs - Chapter 4

Lipids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) PDF Download - 1

The Lipids Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers PDF, Lipids MCQs PDF Download e-Book Ch. 4-1 to study Biochemistry Course. Practice Classification and Distribution of Lipids MCQs, Lipids trivia questions and answers PDF for online degree programs. The Lipids MCQs App Download: Free learning app for career test to study distance learning courses.

The Multiple Choice Question (MCQ Quiz): Phospholipids' and 'glycolipids' are included in; "Lipids" App Download (Free) with answers: Complex lipids; Simple lipids; Waxes; Enzymes; for online degree programs. Solve Distribution and Classification of Carbohydrates Quiz Questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) for colleges that offer certificate programs.

Lipids Questions and Answers PDF Download: MCQ Quiz 1

MCQ 1:

Phospholipids' and 'glycolipids' are included in:

  1. Simple lipids
  2. Complex lipids
  3. Waxes
  4. Enzymes
MCQ 2:

In geometric isomerism, a term used when two substituent groups are on the similar direction of double bond, such isomerism is known as:

  1. Trans configuration
  2. Cis configuration
  3. Symmetry
  4. Aliphatic ring
MCQ 3:

Chaulmoogric' acid is present in the chaulmoogra, which is used for treating;

  1. Encephalopathy
  2. Leprosy
  3. Muscle disease
  4. Anxiety
MCQ 4:

Sterol' means;

  1. Liquid alcohol
  2. Gaseous alcohol
  3. Solid alcohol
  4. Posinous alcohol
MCQ 5:

Waxes are used in preparation of;

  1. Cosmetics
  2. Candles
  3. Ointments
  4. Medicines

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