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Learn Vitamins History and Nomenclature Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Vitamins History and Nomenclature quiz answers PDF to study biochemistry online course for biochemistry classes. Vitamins Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Vitamins History and Nomenclature quiz questions for online certificate courses. "Vitamins History and Nomenclature MCQ" PDF Book: classification of vitamins, vitamin k: chemistry, functions and disorders, vitamin a: chemistry, functions and disorders test prep for online degree programs.

"What term Hopkins used for vitamin?" MCQ PDF: vitamins: history and nomenclature with choices nutrient ion, accessory factor, important nutrient, and soluble energy suplements for online certificate courses. Study vitamins history and nomenclature quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for best online schools.

MCQs on Vitamins History and Nomenclature Quiz

MCQ: What term Hopkins used for vitamin?

Nutrient ion
Accessory factor
Important nutrient
Soluble energy suplements

MCQ: The use of the vitamin A, B and C was explained by;

McCollum and Davis
Watson and Crick

MCQ: Vitamin A, B and C was explained in:


MCQ: The number of vitamins that are essential for the humans is;


MCQ: What symptoms involved in E.coli bacteria infection?

Improper food handling
Food processing
Water sanitation
All of above