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Stomach Quiz Questions with Answers PDF Download - 71

The Stomach Trivia Questions and Answers PDF (Stomach Quiz Answers PDF e-Book) download Ch. 9-71 to solve Histology Practice Tests. Learn Digestive System MCQ Questions PDF, Stomach Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for biological science degree programs. The Stomach Trivia App Download: Free learning app for cornea, small intestine, stomach test prep for free online courses.

The Trivia MCQ: The small pieces of the food that enters in the stomach, called as; "Stomach" App (iOS & Android) with answers: Digestible food; Digested food; Bolus; Mucosed food; for free online courses. Study Digestive System Questions and Answers, Apple Book to download free sample for accelerated online degrees.

Stomach Quiz with Answers PDF Download: MCQs 71

MCQ 351:

The small pieces of the food that enters in the stomach, called as

  1. digested food
  2. digestible food
  3. bolus
  4. Mucosed food
MCQ 352:

The length of the microvilli is about

  1. 2 µm
  2. 1 µm
  3. 5 µm
  4. 6 µm
MCQ 353:

The glands that lie in a narrow ring-shaped area around the cardia is named as

  1. Fundic glands
  2. cardiac glands
  3. pyloric glands
  4. none of above
MCQ 354:

Another name for the corneal stroma is called as

  1. Descemet s membrane
  2. corneal epithelium
  3. lamella
  4. Episclera
MCQ 355:

At the back of the vertebrate s skull, the part of the brain that regulates and coordinate the muscular activity, known as

  1. cerebellum
  2. cerebrum
  3. hemisphere
  4. thalamus

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