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pH Scale: Acid and Alkali Quiz Questions Online p. 16

Learn pH Scale Acid and Alkali quiz questions and answers, ph scale acid and alkali MCQ with answers PDF 16 to study O Level Chemistry course online. Acids and Bases trivia questions, ph scale acid and alkali Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "pH Scale: Acid and Alkali Quiz" PDF Book: redox reactions, kinetic theory, ionic compounds: crystal lattices, properties: bases and reactions, ph scale: acid and alkali test prep for SAT subject tests.

"Which one is correct about Soap?" MCQ PDF: it is alkaline, it is acidic, it is neutral, and it is basic for colleges that offer online courses. Study acids and bases questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online degree programs.

Quiz on pH Scale: Acid & Alkali MCQs

MCQ: Which one is correct about Soap?

it is acidic
it is alkaline
it is neutral
it is basic

MCQ: An alkali (OH-) is a

water soluble base
water insoluble base
oil soluble base
oil insoluble base

MCQ: Simple molecules or giant macromolecules are examples of

ionic compounds
covalent bonds
metallic bonds
dative bond

MCQ: Melting and boiling points of which of the following are always above room temperature

none of above

MCQ: In a reaction between CuSO4(s) and Zn(s),

Zinc experiences an increase in the oxidation state
Zinc experiences a decrease in the oxidation state
Zinc undergoes reduction
none of above