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Transport in Flowering Plants MCQ with Answers PDF

Transport in Flowering Plants Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Transport in Flowering Plants quiz answers PDF with o level biology live worksheets for online degrees. Solve transport of materials in flowering plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Transport in Flowering Plants quiz questions for SAT prep classes. Transport in Flowering Plants MCQ PDF: herbaceous and woody plants, sugar: types, formation and test, what is transpiration, gcse biology test prep for online college courses.

"Depending upon how long a plant lives, the division can be based on" MCQ PDF on transport in flowering plants with choices simple body or a complex body, being a woody or herbaceous, perennials or biennials, and environmental factors for SAT prep classes. Solve transport in flowering plants quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for SAT test prep classes.

MCQs on Transport in Flowering Plants Quiz

MCQ: Depending upon how long a plant lives, the division can be based on

simple body or a complex body
being a woody or herbaceous
perennials or biennials
environmental factors

MCQ: Specialized shoot bearing the reproductive organs in flowering plants is called as

vegetative Bud
Shoot apex

MCQ: Flowering plants having rhizomes do not include


MCQ: Aphids feed on plant juices through their

sharp claws
long beaks

MCQ: Food substances like starch can be stored in

vascular bundles

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