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Mode of action of heart Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 195

Mode of action of heart interview questions and answers, mode of action of heart trivia questions PDF 195 to practice O Level Biology exam questions for online classes. Practice Transport in Mammals MCQ questions, mode of action of heart Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Mode of action of heart Interview Questions PDF: weight reduction program, conservation: renewable resources, wind pollination, hormones: endocrine glands, mode of action of heart test prep for best online ACT prep class.

"Right atrium receives blood from" MCQ PDF with choices two vena cave, pulmonary veins, right ventricle, and left ventricle for online colleges for teaching. Learn transport in mammals questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college bachelor degree.

Trivia Quiz on Mode of action of heart MCQs

MCQ: Right atrium receives blood from

pulmonary veins
two vena cave
right ventricle
left ventricle

MCQ: Waste products are egested due to

short term effects of stress in body
long term effects of stress on body
short term hormonal secretions in the body
long term nervous impact on the digestive tract

MCQ: Pollens in wind pollinated flowers are

all of above

MCQ: Renewable natural resources include

wild life
all of above

MCQ: Despite keeping a check on weight, an increase in weight may be due to more

sodium in diet
potassium in diet
chlorine in diet
manganese in diet