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Maintenance of Blood pH MCQ Quiz Online PDF Download

The Book Maintenance of Blood pH Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) PDF, Maintenance of Blood pH MCQs download to study online medical biochemistry certification courses. Study Water, Electrolytes and Acid-Base Balance Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Maintenance of Blood pH quiz answers PDF . The eBook Maintenance of Blood pH MCQ App Download: acid-base balance, water turnover and balance, electrolyte balance test prep .

The MCQ: Buffer lack the ability to PDF, "Maintenance of Blood pH" App Download (Free) with remove hydrogen ion from the body, balance, maintain ph, and maintain balance choices . Practice maintenance of blood ph quiz questions, download Google eBook (Free Sample) .

Medical Biochemistry: Maintenance of Blood pH MCQs PDF Download

MCQ: Buffer lack the ability to

A) Remove hydrogen ion from the body
B) Balance
C) Maintain pH
D) Maintain balance

MCQ: The pH of the urine is nearly

A) 6
B) 9.5
C) 9
D) 8

MCQ: The pH of the urine is

A) Basic
B) Acidic
C) Neutral
D) None of above

MCQ: To regulate the body's acid-base balance the line of defences that are developed are

A) Blood buffer
B) Respiratory mechanism
C) Renal mechanism
D) All of above

MCQ: A solution of the weak acid with its salt with a strong base is called

A) Solution
B) Acid-base solution
C) Buffer
D) Saline

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