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Practice Measures of Location Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Measures of Location quiz answers PDF to learn mba statistics online course for mba statistics classes. Data and Statistics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Measures of Location quiz questions for online MBA courses. "Measures of Location MCQ" PDF Book: measures of dispersion, data elements, variables and observations, statistical analysis test prep for MBA rotational programs.

"The interquartile range can be computed as" MCQ PDF: measures of location with choices q1 + q2, q2 + q4, q4 - q2, and q3 - q1 for online MBA courses. Learn measures of location quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs .

MCQs on Measures of Location Quiz

MCQ: The interquartile range can be computed as

Q1 + Q2
Q2 + Q4
Q4 - Q2
Q3 - Q1

MCQ: The value of index in percentile derivation is an integer that inputs

Average of i
Average of i and i+1
Average of i and i+2

MCQ: In calculating median, if the data set is in even numbers, the middle value is

Mean of two values
Mean of four values
Central point
Some fixed number

MCQ: For zero moment r= 0, the computed result is equals to

Mean value

MCQ: In any data set, the measure representing its central location is known to be

Measure of mean point
Measure of central point
Measure of central location
Measure of setrader