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Octal and Hexadecimal Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 105

Practice Octal and Hexadecimal trivia questions and answers, octal and hexadecimal quiz answers PDF to solve computer fundamentals mock test 105 for online degrees. Practice "Representation of Data" trivia questions and answers, octal and hexadecimal Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve computer test with answers for online college classes. Free octal and hexadecimal MCQs, program errors, computer architecture and organization, integrity of input data, steps in problem solving, octal and hexadecimal test prep for CS major.

"Numbers that are written with base 8 are classified as", octal and hexadecimal Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices hexadecimal, octal numbers, two digit positive integers, and real numbers for online computer science engineering. Learn representation of data questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college classes.

Trivia Quiz on Octal & Hexadecimal PDF Download eBook

Octal and Hexadecimal Quiz

MCQ: Numbers that are written with base 8 are classified as

  1. octal numbers
  2. hexadecimal
  3. two digit positive integers
  4. real numbers


Steps in Problem Solving Quiz

MCQ: Thing to keep in mind while solving a problem is

  1. input data
  2. output data
  3. stored data
  4. all of above


Integrity of Input Data Quiz

MCQ: When last digits are adjusted to store the accurate number, it is classified as

  1. digit lost
  2. digit stored
  3. digit truncated
  4. digit rounded


Computer Architecture and Organization Quiz

MCQ: Sequential access method is suitable for

  1. batch applications
  2. online applications
  3. information retrieval applications
  4. storage medium applications


Program Errors Quiz

MCQ: When programmer makes a mistake in sequence of given instruction, error occurs in a program which is

  1. system error
  2. logical error
  3. described error
  4. unidentified error