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Two States and Characters Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Practice Two States and Characters quiz questions, two states and characters multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare computer fundamentals exam worksheet 35 for online certificate programs. Practice Representation of Data quiz with answers, two states and characters Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve computer test with answers for online college classes. Free two states and characters MCQs, bar codes, tags and magnetic stripes, communication, remote and local, digital computers, program libraries, two states and characters test prep for accelerated computer science degree online.

"Pictures and graphs that are to be printed with the help of chosen characters are called", two states and characters Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices alphanumeric characters, graphics characters, character sets, and control characters for best online schools for computer science. Learn representation of data questions and answers with free online certification courses for online software development courses.

Two States & Characters Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Two States and Characters Quiz

MCQ: Pictures and graphs that are to be printed with the help of chosen characters are called

  1. graphics characters
  2. alphanumeric characters
  3. character sets
  4. control characters


Program Libraries Quiz

MCQ: Set of software authorized to a specific users is considered as

  1. software library
  2. program library
  3. directory library
  4. library package


Digital Computers Quiz

MCQ: If any instruction consist of any arithmetic operation, the data is transferred to

  1. quantitative unit
  2. qualitative unit
  3. arithmetic and logical unit
  4. central processing unit


Communication, Remote and Local Quiz

MCQ: The issuance of cash through terminal outside the bank is an example of

  1. telecommunication
  2. interfaces
  3. hardware devices
  4. terminals


Bar codes, Tags and Magnetic Stripes Quiz

MCQ: Magnetic tape which is of short length and is stacked onto the surface of document is called

  1. inked stripe
  2. coded stripe
  3. magnetic stripe
  4. tagged stripe