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South America Continent MCQ Quiz Online PDF Download

The Book South America Continent Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, South America Continent MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online general knowledge degree courses. Practice Seven Continents Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), South America Continent quiz answers PDF for online college admission. The e-Book South America Continent MCQ App Download: asia continent, world current affairs, north america continent test prep for college entrance test.

The MCQ: North America and the Caribbean Sea lies to the northwest from PDF, "South America Continent" App Download (Free) with europe, asia, africa, and south america choices for online college admission. Study south america continent quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) to apply to colleges online.

General Knowledge MCQs: South America Continent Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: North America and the Caribbean Sea lies to the northwest from

A) Europe
B) Asia
C) Africa
D) South America

MCQ: Which is the largest country in South America?

A) Peru
B) Argentina
C) Brazil
D) Venezuela

MCQ: Which is the smallest state of South America?

A) Suriname
B) Guyana
C) Netherlands
D) Greenland

MCQ: State which is not included in twelve sovereign states of North America is

A) Argentina
B) Venezuela
C) Peru
D) Libya

MCQ: South America shares it's surrounded with Atlantic Ocean from

A) West and North
B) North and East
C) North and South
D) East and South

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