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Common Stock Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 70

Practice Common Stock quiz questions and answers, common stock MCQs with answers PDF to solve finance worksheet 70 for online graduate programs. Practice "World Stock Markets" quiz questions with answers, common stock Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online finance degree. Free common stock MCQs, money market securities, corporate bonds, derivative securities market, supply of loanable fund, common stock test prep to learn free online courses.

"The capital gains and dividends are considered as components of", common stock Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices equity, return, spot rate contracts, and forward rate contracts for online classes for business management degree. Learn world stock markets questions and answers with free online certification courses for online classes for bachelor's degree in business administration.

Quiz on Common Stock PDF Download eBook

Common Stock Quiz

MCQ: The capital gains and dividends are considered as components of

  1. return
  2. equity
  3. spot rate contracts
  4. forward rate contracts


Supply of Loanable Fund Quiz

MCQ: The monetary expansion increases and gives way to a decrease in equilibrium interest rate, then supply curve of funds must shift

  1. up and to the left
  2. up and to the right
  3. down and to the left
  4. down and to the right


Derivative Securities Market Quiz

MCQ: The prices that are adjusted day to day to picture the current conditions of future markets are classified as

  1. market future prices
  2. market to market prices
  3. market to invest prices
  4. present market prices


Corporate Bonds Quiz

MCQ: The thin trading of municipal bonds in secondary markets is because of

  1. excess of information
  2. lack of information
  3. frequent information
  4. infrequent information


Money Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: The promissory notes issued by company for short term fund raising are unsecured are classified as

  1. unsecured notes
  2. debt paper
  3. term paper
  4. commercial paper